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letra de timeofherlife+ (p.julian ceasar) - mumble


(was his name julian?)

can you stop being rude
every time you’re around i’m in a mood
your girl called my phone i’m bouta slide
she said it was the time of her life
girl what do you mean
my life a movie ima switch up the scene
julian gone murder you like its one of his beats
ima get ready to leave
if jumper jumps you you’re dead
say your last words we’ll remember what you said
woke up to the devil with a gun to my head
i’m tired of being mislеad
are you ready for the rеcital
get a jar of blood and put a drop in each vile
sign away my life to the devil its alright
everybody gonna believe me when i die
do you know what to do
uh oh i’m coming for you
hop in the car and do not stop the driving
devil push a knife deep to my stomach lining
give me one night
i don’t wanna step outta line
oh, i cannot let that slide
drugs in the car yea we’re going for a ride
i do not know what i’ve done
i don’t wanna stop coz i’ve just begun
devil on my shoulder said i’m right
look to my left not an angel in sight
hop in the whip and drive off a cliff
shawty you know i do not wanna live
i’ve had enough of you
broke my heart into two
baby stop telling me lies
i do not hate, i just despise
i cannot get you outta mind
slowly running outta time

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