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letra de tears - muddasheep


her body shivers and feels cold
she warms herself in my embrace
the darkness surrounds us
her lips tell from tears

she feels alone
in this s-d-stic industry
overcharged and unnerved
her soul yaws for recovery

her phantasy manipulates the dark
the pressure of the whole humankind
seems to form eyes and squirts
and disturbs her tired mind

my spirit works up her tears
i get her closer to me
noise from outside arrives at my еars
she’s all i want to see

she misses hеr native town
thinks she left all back
her mind makes her accusations
was she too egoistic?

she thinks that
nearly nothing and n0body
takes care of her
she doesn’t feel sheltered
it is a plague to her

but there is still hope
love remains in our heads
with your hand in mine
we’ll get through it one time