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letra de damn right - mr. vegas


“d-mn right”

woman mi waan yu shout it out
wid all a yu might
tell mi are yu gonna make love tonight
a waan yu say
d-mn right
say d-mn right
and when i roll dis up rude boys
give mi a light are yu gonna get some honeys
tonight a waan yu say d-mn right
say d-mn right

cause yu si right yah now
is just a hot gal mi need
some good weed
di good breed
mek gal all a beg and a plead
a bawl cree and dem waan tea
any time all a woman start dweet
yu feel sweet
tear up di sheet
mi guh sleep wid a woman weh mi meet
she a freak
a she have mi weak


all a di gal dem weh know fi wol yu man
position and all night long
yu and yu man bruk dung di divan
di lamp stand and all night long
big up di gal dem weh keeping it real
yu nuffi steal and banana peal
big up di man dem weh keeping it real
use yu steal and mek gal scream


mek mi tell yu bout some woman weh mi slam
mek mi name dem one bye one
susan kerry-ann debbie-ann
stacy-ann sh-lly-ann just


[repeat first and second verse]