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letra de 2001 kazoo's - mr. magic & positive choice band


everybody say chill out (chill out!)
one time with mr. magic
say chill out (chill out!)
two times with mr. magic
say chill out (chill out!)
three times with mr. magic
say chill out (chill out!)
four times with mr. magic

[verse 1]
i’m gonna start this rap you see
my name is mr. magic and i’m an mc
i’m sl!ck, i’m fast, i’m very cool
you’re rockin’ to the mr. magic hoodoo
you throw your hands up in the air
you’re rockin’ to the beat without a care
now the thing that i claim to be you see
is the world’s greatest number one mc
and i’m bad, and i’m bad
’cause when you’re bad you know it!
and i’m bad, and i’m bad
’cause when you’re bad you show it!
i’m bad, i’m bad (he bad, he bad)

[verse 2]
one day i was riding up 8th avenue
i seen this young girl that i thought i knew
i pulled her over, said a-what’s your name?
said i go by the name of sweet elaine
said all the fly guys all over the world
they all wanna rock this foxy young girl
said sweet elaine, tell me one thing
you call yourself the queen of swing
well this kid is called the king of soul
and disco is one thing i know
so every time i meet a young girl
i boogie-oogie-ooogie and i rock her world
said a-ring-a-ding-a-dang-a-ding-a-ding-dong
ready to go to the motel
motel! sounds swell
’cause i’m the man who rocked needle one bell!

here we go!
now sister sledge, they came to be the all-american girl
and that’s a fact, i’ll tell ya that, ’cause i’m an all-american boy
(all american boy)

[verse 3]
now last night or the night before
sister sledge came knockin’ at my door
i got on up and i let them in
they had a quart of wine and a fifth of gin
we got so high and we got so drunk
that we didn’t see the time when the cuckoo bird struck
we was all in the mood to have a good time
i hit ’em right there with a vicious rhyme
said a jack and jill went up the hill to have a little fun
silly jill said here’s the real deal
this thing i got is called a chill pill
like a superman who couldn’t fly
like a new born baby that will not cry
said the sun comes up and the sun goes down
pound for pound, i’m the baddest mc around
but whatever you do if you have no doubt
everybody in the house scream out chill out

one time (chill out!)
two times (chill out!)

[verse 4]
if your name is ted or your name is fred
everybody in the house say go ‘head
(go ‘head, go ‘head, go ‘head, go ‘head, go ‘head
go ‘head, go ‘head, go ‘head, go ‘head, go ‘head, go)

[verse 5]
i got that band with the funky beat
all around the world i hear music in the street
street, beat, you do the freak
come on everybody and dance to the beat

[verse 6]
everybody in the house don’t feel sad
you gotta gotta gotta say we bad
(we bad, we bad, we bad, we bad, we bad, we bad, we bad, we bad)

[verse 7]
i don’t care if you ain’t the one
or if you’re a senior citizen
i got the beat that just won’t quit
it’s a supersonic, supersonic, quick mit

[verse 8]
now you checked me out and you know i’m bad
i rocked this here party long at last
my patience is short and my breathe is long
i hereby do demand that you move along
i said a hip, hop, come on let’s move
on the count of two say the mr. magic groove
one, two (the mr. magic groove!)

[verse 9]
i say the bigger the headache, the bigger the pill
the bigger the doctor and the bigger the bill
now i go by the other name of cool t
my major in college is rockin’ to my beat
i got my master and my phd
from freak (from freak) university
and when i’m on the mic i’m in the key of g
here come mr. magic, a cool cool t