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letra de if the zodiac signs had a rap battle.. - mr. grande


pisces swimming through, we’re the best on the list
and we’re coming for, if you’re a sagittarius
but we’re always there for people, are command is your wish
we’ll be everywhere you turn so i hope you like fish

(yeah) your careless, superficial, and don’t care about your healing what kind of person doesn’t like to talk about their feelings
but we’ll diss you so hard, your tears will fill up all the oceans
maybe then you’ll finally know, what it’s like to have emotions

(yeah) cancer is a crab, that aries wants to boil
but their busy being reckless while we’re busy being loyal
aries love controlling people, if you don’t remember
how do control a person when you can’t control your temper

we’re the type of people that you know you can trust
their the type of people that will leave you in the dust
they say that we’re too clingy but were just scared of abandonment
why you even here, aren’t you late for anger management!

say h-llo to scorpio, there’s nothing that we fear
the only thing that leo’s care about is how they will appear
they don’t listen to a thing you say, like they can’t hear
but it’s just because their too busy looking in the mirror!

(yeah) leo’s are delusional it’s lies they are pickin’
but we are like detectives that you’ll never be trickin’
they think they are the best, but that lies that are spittin’
yeah they think that they are a lion when they’re really just a kitten
sagittarius here to serve you up a dish
pisces came for me guess tonight i’m eating fish
pisces you are like the weakest sign on this list
and you dissed me in your verse, now i’m sagittari-p-ssed!

oh wait..i don’t care cause i know how to deal
and i’ll tell you how it is, i don’t care how you feel
i’ll be busy out exploring, and enjoying every meal
while you search your whole life, for a love that is real

aries bustin’ in for the spotlight that we grab
we’re impulsive, and tonight, i think a cancer needs a drag
yeah we think you are annoying, and we’re right don’t mean to brag
but you are just way too clingy, guess that why you are a crab

yeah we’re brave enough to do what you can’t, with ease
cause you’re always looking for a person that you need to please
i think you are the worst sign out of all these
cause the last time that i checked, cancer is just a disease

leo, we are lions, and i got some pride in my flow
jealousy is a disease so scorpio’s will die slow
they are a mistake, like the world just made a typo
i’m so sorry that the stars aligned and made you such a psycho

we are optimistic so you’re not relating
you live your life in jealously, and secrecy, and sin
you will lose this battle we are what you’ve never been
for someone that’s possessive, you ain’t possessing this win!