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letra de 01001001 01100100 01100011 (idc) - mowk


[verse 1]
our minds don’t think alike cause i’m taking a lot of sh-t
you think what you’ve been told to think is right so i’m out of it
your mind is all proportionate, the highers are extortionate, even took your thought process
man go f-ck yourself
tell me i should give up and i’ll tell you i was born for this
call myself an anarchist
i don’t have a sh-t to give
watch how they react to it
got so much sh-t to say that you think i’ve been practising
boy i know the medecine
i could talk in the street with an extremist feminist without being take for a stalker
call me the man call me the father let me take you further

[verse 2]
you know where it start smoking on the beat
rolling in the backseat a backwood and i rap another hit
that some sh-t high as f-ck baby it’s f-cking lit
she can’t get enough of this and i’m talking about no weed
shawty hit my phone and i let no time for it to ring
no crown but i don’t need this to prove that i’m the king
wavy beat you got that summer vibe summer time and sometimes i do have those f-cking rhymes
i’m like that supercar i’m gettin’ that super gas feelin’ like a superman
flyin’ with no travel plan
i take the bong light it up smoke it up gettin’ f-cked
i shouldn’t hit that now i just want to chuck

[verse 3]
remember those time young and free
eating clean sippin’ lean smoking green
skating ‘till we f-cking bleed
some holes in my pants holdin’ up a check
i’m growing plants i got that advance
don’t worry your girl like me cause i’m a beast
i’m k!lling it f-cking it and you clic clic
always with my the bros that’s my clique clique
project coming soon call the b-tch b-tch
music is about sharing if mine make you smiling
i can say that i’ve made it
wanna make momma proud
i’m rapping a lot till it get loud
few bros listen at my song
i’m trying to spread love don’t get me wrong
cops are in the starting block
waiting there with their glock
8 o’clock waking up
last line hope you like it up