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its you - mooch (da cloth)


uh, d-mn that’s terrible
these n-ggas getting shot for promo runs, man

i got stains on the mirror (gaga), could this be more clearer? ([?])
i ain’t never been the driver so i’m not gon’ steer you (skrrt)
once you do it different they can’t compare you (they can’t compare me, man)
if you lovin’ two b-tches they both gon share you (love me)
when i morph into my true form i cause more terror (yea)
’cause to make’m feel comfortable (gaga) could cause more error (give a f-ck about these n-ggas man)
sharе the weight with your team, makе’m all pall-bearers (share that, man, share that)
law scramblers, moochie in cars with dark laminate (yea, n-ggas)
i just did [a two?] with the coke and had no management
mad i put you stans on the sofas i’m eatin’ spanish sh-t
my canon grip come with the special handle to handle it (special sauces)
to put your best face on the mantle, it’s how i handle sh-t
i’m feeling like a badass kid, against your [candle-lit?]
still keep the boy and the girl with no contaminates
scared if i stop then i’ll go to jail for abandonment
roll the dice one more time, i’m still gamblin’
my old l!ck still smokin’ coke and he still ramblin’
the crack lookin yolked and i’m crackin’ open the [tamarind?]
i’m really living in color, that’s why they want to cancel it
i’m just the elephant in the room, you not tramplin’
wanna’ be the best, then you gotta’ beat on the champion
i give a f-ck what kind of [?]
(it’s me n-gga! haha)
i’m fresh out the sun and don’t call me a prima-dona ([?] look b-tch)
i’ll turn you ‘to a pre-roll after i roll this ganja (yea n-gga, [?] this n-gga)
when you really gettin’ b-tter you only like getting lobster (i like eatin’ lobster)
we live in the h-ll-city, we only breedin’ monsters (yayo)
the good die young i just wanted see them prosper (that’s it)
and to his enemies them caskets [we call sponsored?] (i’m [?] you, haha)
i’m standing in the mix of this fire with cold posture
the chopper tour is closed off, left’m with no boxers (chop that sh-t off, n-gga)
it’s so common, praise n-ggas with no promise (that’s who you praisin’ now)
until he has to pay for his actions from old dramas (don’t say it wasn’t good n-gga [?])
the sh-t was so petty, we left’m with no mama (yaya)
you better use your head before we bring more drama (think about it)
they say a n-gga changed that only mean [more climbers?]
most n-ggas hate on the truth, that’s so honest (why you hating n-gga?)
my rhymes get stuck in the era they so timeless (yea)
my life like an ig movie with no comics (why you talk about my sh-t n-gga)
how a n-gga be this raw, but so polished (that’s me)
they don’t see the jewels, they comin’ with broke knowledge
and that’s you n-gga (it’s you, it’s you, it’s just you, n-gga)
it’s you, it’s you, it’s just you, n-gga (yaya)
it’s you, it’s you, it’s just you, n-gga
it’s you, it’s just you, n-gga
it’s (yea n-gga) it’s just you n-gga
f-ck you n-gga, haha!



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