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letra de soulfood society - mokumoku


back back back up on the track
we be restles
whos tha user
you? better check yourself
we reckless
back up mc’s
is making me sick
we keep the promise
together we feast
picked the wrong venue
why can’t you hear when you
was taking it easy
we were top on their venue
caught up in the moment
its all right to be a loner
hold it tight
im a cholo
wearing polo
being solo

strange dude
rudе hype
in the blood
high five

hardcorе for life
rock boat so fly
cold war hot rhymes
break walls
breed pines
weed grows
sun shines
and everything is all right

i wanna feel it
im gonna k!ll it
we keeping it real
gots the sk!ll can’t steal it
raw and uncut
taking over your whole block
we be burning burning burning hot

give me the mic
and turn it up a little bit
cause ive been waiting
to make a statement
for all this years
hope it ain’t late maan

and im a fan of this sh-t
that we be doing
time flies as a mother f-cker
specially when pursuing “it”

its been amazing
and awfull
silly and thoughtful
ugly and pretty
in the city claiming
that it loves you

and representing it is h-ll of a job
its like an expert level mode
in game that is hard
we thought
getting together gonna help to get by
thats why
soulfood society is under the sky
like 36 d-mn chambers
the m claan
we ain’t em
bois playa hatin
we make em

my kids gonna thank me later
my name is moku t
and i be ranked out here as greatest
yo mark theese words
cause we never act a fool
and write em down son, here’s
your first day of school