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letra de 1938 - mokado (fra)


now that your wisdom tears are falling in decay
now that you let go what you had in mind
now that you lay down, meet me on the run
tied on, tied on unchained?
now that you love again, doors are open
now that you lift it up, wandering why you came

go to sleep
running on
staying in
or go to war
you don’t know
morning and then night will start
are you up or low?
givin it and other night
skip till the moment you want
knowing is an open door
why do we have to go?
when the meaning is lost go dancing
all that you’ve been, all is shinning

i’m not done yet
i’m not done yet
what is shimmering?
chemical reactions
are we running?
are we humans?
living in a summer dream
like an open ocean