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1938 - mo'gunz


i’m quite open to a nice position quite soulful when the light is missing
no hoping i been pessimistic
all ears but they never listen
ideas to the board i’m pitching
my fears in the heat i never left the kitchen
gospel how every bar is so uplifting
know the business
or they cut you half the cake
stoner how i bake
kevin to the gates billy with the ace workin on my property to get me an estate
or place with the greats or the icing on the cake to get me a wraith…..
sitting on a fence knowing i got plenty
tell the demons off me or its back henny popping
never spoilt of choice guess dennis didn’t spare the rodman
dumb and dumber you are not the one for talking
fly together these petty goose do all the flocking
and we move our retinue is never stopping
yeah we gat it
the revolution won’t be televised but ain’t no thing about it
i’m pushing greatness in message drafts
they wonder how i keep it me in these unholy times
armory stocked like my bic was holding nines
headstrong even pac wouldn’t have recognized
the new never gone stop always be getting it
keep it white and black like trump beside my melanin
h-ll bent but my cologne said i’m heaven scent
duty calls the revolution never had a dent
but then on i’m harvey spectre inspecting the times
dissecting the rhymes
been the bess all the time
like the weather chanel boy i been with the clime
cancer if they ask how i’m sick with the sign
stole poetic license how i be the crime