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letra de 2 radical diss - mobbs radical


push down the gas
cause i’m flaming it up
all these p-ssies are actors
and faking too much

god of the cold
imma smoke you like dutch
josh ain’t about it
collapsing his lungs

p-ssy you dead caught by the feds
dropping the baby right onto it’s head
making you silent you f-cking inbred
cysco is bleeding you seeing the red, aye

radical coming you out of the water
i’m sick of these n-ggas they f-cking with god
gazelle to a lion, a drought to a mayan
your p-ssy is bleeding i’m calling it odd

now i’m awoken my body was frozen
jus look at his face cause that n-gga a rat
come to the king now you bow to the ring
i’m smoking a n-gga and naming the pack

blade on my hip with a ski on my face
with a finishing move as i’m catching a case
n-gga r-t-rded can’t keep with the pace
lacing it up as i come through the gates

all in his feelings he drinking the gin
n-gga too broke ain’t walking again
sound like a problem go talk to a friend
nasty ass n-ggas gone drop to the end

what’s a god to an antelope
you the poison i’m the antidote
imma have to shoot them rapido
red dot like a telescope

disturbed like i’m down with the sickness
had to put them on my wishlist
and see a n-gga kinda wished this
you don’t really wanna miss this

k!llshot get it n-gga they don’t know
can’t roll with the dice no soho
how i’m battling the black ass frodo
and a b-tch ass stick with a polo

don’t talk you a b-tch and your hoe know me
in the guts like a don you can suck on these
call me the future cause i got the keys
y’all getting bodied i’m k!llin the peace

slice them in two and i’m having a feast
look at my eyes haven’t slept in a week
think that he winning this a n-gga a tweak
cause i cum on your crush now she all in my tweets

no i can better them
are u smoking stems
mgk oh my god
bodied eminem

look at your life cause you know it ain’t nothing
sent the reply at the push of a b-tton
p-ssy can’t f-ck with the god of destruction
n-gga so stupid can’t read the instructions

i get so lit in the club get it busting
you be at home being lame like mclovin
p-ssy i bake you, you fluffy a m-ffin
how are dissing but come up with nothing