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letra de 02. human error - misunderstood demon


human error lyrics


(we living
human error)x4

[verse 1]
human error
that’s just how we living
day by day and night by night
this sh-ts a f-cking given
no escaping
no replacement
only flaws
and many visions
seeing what we wanna see
but reality is comin
f-ck a fantasy
and f-ck the technology
it’s consuming me
all i think is 1 and a 0
it’s never 2 or 3
mechanical make up to cover up all of the flesh and blood
hide behind electric masks
for the rest of eternity
this the life we in
this human error turns to human terror
human horror
praying for the better
like people with cancer
electric struggle
the tech and the humans
that’s a deadly strife
rewiring our brains
controlling our life
mindless thinking
humans slowly sinking
technologies rising
how surprising
ain’t no compromising
so f-ck sympathizing
this the era that we live in
technologies taking over
and we let it happen
like an alcoholic
never sober

(we living
human error)x4

[verse 2]
now we living in a certain generation
technology is so advanced
this is what we’re raised in
born into the future
don’t give a f-ck about the past
got all the latest stuff
from sidekicks to ipads
from fat backs to flatscreens
and flip phones to touch screens
technology is cutting at our throats
like a guillotine
mindlessly flipping through the channels like a magazine
no more in person
always in 3d
but i guess it doesn’t really matter
this is is who we are
the new generation full of technology that’s going far
consuming every bit of humanity that we got left
replace us with some wires and bolts until we digress
feel less
less of a human being
more of a machine
upgrading our software all the time
so we can feel clean
human error at its finest hour
sweeter than the sour
really thought the humans won
but technologies overpowered

(we living
human error)x4

human error)x2