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letra de raw dog - missill



so this girl was texting me like
“i wanna come over”
i was like “cool, come over”
and when she came over
i tried to pull the moves on her
she was like “you forward”
i’m like “girl, you don’t know my roll”

[verse 1]
b-tches don’t want no parts of me
oh these b-tches want all of me
i guess that’s my popularity
party monster, yea that’s me
31 in high school
finishing school
orientation, here’s the rules


face down (face down)
ass up (ass up)
raw dog (raw dog)
wild out (wild out) x2

[verse 2]

you ain’t wildin’ out
f-ck your town
’cause where we wild out
we’re like [?] foamin’ out the mouth
yea you already know
[?], double o
plastic little, missill
hit your club we trouble
[?] we f-cked up
running over —–s like a mack truck
rodeo style, yea we wild
[?], ball gag
[?], back slap
fish hook, [?]
full nelson, [?]

[verse 3]

gimme some of that [?]
got my condoms, time to go man
pull your b-tch backstage like [?]
[?] waste time [?] pimpin’
i be in the club spendin’ next to nothin’
we do this nonstop everyday
plastic little, boy we don’t play
yea we do it, do it well
and you can tell by our [?]
[?] we don’t care
raw dog, press our luck
that’s the way we like to f-ck


[verse 4]

all my hoes get low
[?] soul train
[?] city
[?] every zip code
crazier than gray gardens
[verse 5]

i’m like kristina yamaguchi
the way i skate for coochie
girls like my sweater
because it’s [?]
[?] all these [?] rappers been pimpin’
since [?]
and that’s a long time i’ve been winnin’ —–