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letra de don't be an opp ii - miles from kinshasa & knucks


[chorus: miles from kinshasa]
we could fly out to lagos
or atlanta
the choice is yours (oh, i’s yours, baby, it’s yours, oh)
but you act up like you’re issa
baby, keep calm
don’t be an opp (oh)
don’t be an opp (oh)
don’t be an opp (oh)
[verse 1: miles from kinshasa]
you ain’t even got a licence, but you’re still stallin’
i just wanna blow your back out in this foreign
this lifestyle is what got every b-tch drawn in
i don’t see no ring on your finger, i see fornication
with a broad and we’re bakin’
breakfast continental, we’re takin’ off
even sock, even boxer short
did i bring condom? of course
right this way
like the way she moves, she ain’t mad, behaved (oh)
i had to turn the page
if you felt the p-ss,y you’d say, “oh my days” (oh)
you’d say, “right this way”
she gon’ do it to you just i like said (oh)
you can only hope and pray that she don’t trap you
that’s why i
(you know i had to bring some of the mandem through though)

[verse 2: knucks]
yeah (yeah), hey (yeah)
baby girl just want trouble (uh, just want trouble)
you sure you wanna go there with knuckles? (uh, uh, go there with knuckles)
how we go from just belaire out the bottle (what? yeah, bottle)
to me grabbin’ on your hair like rapunzel? (uh, ah, ah, ah, ah)
like i don’t care ’bout no bundle (uh, uh)
a hundred on the square for the frontal (the frontal)
want some money on your square, come to uncle (uh, come to uncle)
tiger on the way, i’m in the jungle
but i ain’t lookin’ for jane
i still jugg in the rain (uh)
still swingin’ to different branches
with the same card, but it isn’t the same (isn’t the—)
it’s fun, but it isn’t game
but true say, we don’t play that (play that)
she a opp, but she isn’t ashamed (nah)
till the day get payback (uh-uh)
till the day that i rock your world, yeah
pray your luck don’t fail (uh)
wanna run that back, i said, h-ll yeah
felt that like braille
i see she wan’ come out of her sh-ll (uh)
and she gives top as well (as well)
doin’ new flex in a blue dress cah the block’s hot as h-ll (uh, yeah, yeah)
[verse 3]
baby girl, stay anti
you haven’t gained weight, please ignore auntie
all up in your business
don’t they know you fly to xanthi and k-masi?
you asante
don’t they don’t you’re fancy?
oh, no, not anyone can make you off the pantie
i must have caught you in my web, anansi
spun you at my will, words made of silk (silk)
you make feel me feel so high, i think i love the thrill (yeah)
shawty been a flirt (yeah), you gotta wait your turn (yeah)
and she be the flyest, they can’t f-ck with her
any weekend or weekday, made another flip (flip)
she promised herself she won’t cry over another d-ck
alight then, bring it to the strip (strip)
i just made her wait, when i pull up, she’s gonna strip (strip)
tell your friend don’t be an opp
get that c-ckblock outta here
livin’ life with no fear
lockdown, no tear (yeah)
(it’s crazy)

[verse 4: kadiata]
big boss, i’m hugo
go wherever i want to go
back in the day, i was too broke
but i never played out in my school clothes
princess, i see that your dad’s rich
but i ain’t splashin’ out on no bad b-tch
in this film, i’m the protagonist
ain’t tryna bag you, you’re tryna bag this
ahaha, call that kadlibs
every time i drop a verse, it’s magnificent
got these jawns mad h-rny like maleficent
thought this verse weren’t gonna bang, but it’s actually decent
now the taxman tryna tax me different
forgive me, i’m just a man on a mission
2020 was a write-off, this is 2022 vision
actually listen
[chorus: miles from kinshasa]
don’t be an opp (oh)
don’t be an opp (oh)
don’t be an opp (oh)
don’t be an opp (oh)