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letra de switch up pt. 2 - miko517


[intro: ej]
i said
choose your side
you switch up on me
it’ll be your demise

[verse: miko517]
no made up story this some real sh-t
my brother lied on me
stole from me on some sl!ck sh-t
our memories don’t mean sh-t
these n-ggas b-tches
i mean pure b-tch
and on the guys
when i see em
imma face his sh-t
some real sh-t
aye mayne you fake
and you should know that
claim you real but you won’t show that
was my brother but you changed up
so i’m like f-ck you and got my bands up
im lovin’ green
you’d think i’m racist
they give me fame
but i won’t take it
my name is miko
i’m far from basic
anything i want
b-tch imma take it
n-ggas lie and b-tches lie
but numbers don’t
n i can’t even lie
i want my rounds
i want all smoke
bring that pressure n-gga
and when you do
i come full force
and ain’t no stressin’ n-gga
but i really mean that from the heart, uh
don’t know where to start
i’m fallin’ apart
i cry alone
don’t let no n-gga see me
can’t never show my feelings
lost my granny and my momma
so i’m grindin’ for em
my cousin hit me and told my granny still looking after me
but i’m a man i protect myself
this 17
this glock put you out your misery
you feelin’ me
or this 43
don’t mean sh-t to me
kuz if you play
well then you lay
i hope you hearin’ me
you feelin’ me?
okay, that gas mayne it keeps me calm
i need that strong
woods be fat like some baby legs
eyes bl–dy red, huh
new city mayne i need that pack
make some calls
see who got it
then i get the pack
i’m smokin’ thrax
i’m smokin’ gas
yea that gassy gas
i’m on yo’ ass
tell the truth
i feel like fredo bang
i’m one of the real ones left
these n-ggas fake and they envy me
i clearly see
but i’m feeling like john cena n-gga
you ain’t seein’ me
people are temporary
they play a part then f-ckin’ leave
it’s a shame to me
so leave me lone
mayne just let me be
can barely see
i need some glasses
some got over me
but i can’t be mad at em
i let ‘em do it
a dumb f-ck of me
i lost some people
my daddy died
my grandpa too
didn’t know my daddy
the n-gga died when i was 2
no father figure
taught myself
f-cked up, correct myself
don’t need no help
i’m strong as f-ck
independent i am
keep on pushin’ in this life
i gotta keep on floatin’
i put you in the past
know you wish you was here now
i’m facin’ blunts to ease the stress that i’m dealing with
n-gga i’m burnt deep down inside
and ain’t no cure for it
[outro: miko517]
huh you switched up, you changed
so i can’t f-ck with you no more
i can’t f-ck with no lame
uh, yeah
you switched up, you changed
so i can’t f-ck with you no more
i can’t f-ck with no lame
no sir, ha!