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letra de don’t make this awkward - mikey muffins


last time i saw you
you looked horrified
you looked at me like i was gonna slit your throat
which i find odd from someone self described as dead inside
and comforting from someone i don’t wanna know

please don’t look too far into the reason i stopped by
i just wanted to return your clothes
and don’t take this as an invitation back into my life
i’d rather you keep leaving me alone

i didn’t forget how you treated me like sh-t
manipulating pieces that were broken
to you i was a puzzle where the pieces didn’t fit
and a place to get some ego strokin
so don’t come stopping by anytime in day or night
and please don’t come to any of my shows
and don’t go thinking anything that you did was alright
i’d rather you keep leaving me alone

oh please god just keep leaving me alone