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letra de carney man - mike mcclure


[verse 1]
i want a big red nose
i want some floppy shoes
i want a squirtin’ flower, squirt it on you
(it’s okay to sing, it’s a tribute)
like all the bad clowns do
you watch them juggle bowling pins in the sun
and i want to join the circus, the circus looks fun
(is that all you got this morning?)
i’ll sit and watch the gate or i can guess your weight
i’ll even sell the corn dogs, i don’t care
just as long as i am there (state fair, state fair)
i’ll hand out baseb-lls at the dunk tank
i’ll ride my funny car laughing
all the way to the bank
(that’s a sober laugh)

’cause i’m a carney man, i’m a carney man
(rodney’s a carney man)
yes, i’m a carney man

[verse 2]
a human cannonball, i’ll rise above it all
up higher than the trapeze, i will fly
oh, god, i’m gonna die (settle down)
i am a carney worker and i make two bucks
they come to find out, this job, this job it really sucks
but i’m a carney man, i’m a carney man
yes, i’m a carney man, i’m a carney man

(god bless you and yours)