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letra de gojo x geto - mike drop


[intro: mike drop]
yeah, hah, hit me up

[verse 1: geto (mike drop)]
i feel like geto, i went from the ghetto to top of the game using my fists
triple g status, golovkin you boxing with me in a casket, you slide in
before all the beefing and c-ckiness, gojo get moving and know that i’m sliding
anyone testing an offering, ten percent needed, you’d think that i’m tithing
and if you don’t get back, you get downed
games get played, your graveyard’s the next ground
everybody knows my first word’s your end sound
elegant and eerie in essence is what they expound
tall tales show, that solo i’m profound
but tag team, me and gojo could take down
obsessed foes who’re overblown and miscount
our output gon’ get offed quick to dead sound
i keep a pocket dimension with pocket monsters
ain’t no pokémon talking, they pop and drop ya
they appearing from nowhere like scamming pop ups
then your top get exploded like shaking pop up
went from little unknown to a special, popping
to the side, i was thrown, now it’s paparazzi
say the evil you know is the one you’re wanting
but i ain’t evil you know, i just hate these monsters

[chorus: mike drop]
gojo, geto
gojo, geto
gojo, geto
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
gojo, geto
gojo, geto
gojo, geto
uh, uh
[verse 2: gojo (none like joshua)]
look at me, being like the one up in the matrix
i’m putting up a screen and blocking everybody’s hatred
opps in every scene, they don’t know that they the fakest
made of green signs like they only want the payments
born too sacred
honored as a motherf-cker like i’m gonna meet your mother naked
we know she a jjk simp
and your girl had got another tattoo of my face with
bro up on the other side of any thot we trainin’
yes, we been trainin’ as a tag team
tell her look into my eyes and watch her lost in the amazement
now he hold her hair like he was nanami, while i’m switchin’ places
like todo, that’s bro code
no solo, you don’t know?
i died once, came back
went loco, dios mio
my life too short to be broker
why you want to be sad with fomo?
just float through life like: “oh, no
he tried to swing on me?” – take a photo
get stomped by me in one go
by a blind guy, man, that’s low blow
eyes closed, don’t need to see a bozo
now tell ’em who it is, it’s the duo!
[chorus: none like joshua & mike drop]
gojo, geto
gojo, geto
gojo, geto
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
gojo, geto
gojo, geto
gojo, geto
uh, uh

[verse 3: gojo (none like joshua)]
they wish i was nerfed on the pr-nto
op on my left and right like stereo audio
but they know i’m best at mono v mono
smoked by the tips, that’s purple hollow
he do the k!lling and know that i got bro
i don’t do snitching, hence i wear the blindfold
seeing the infinite of all that is possible
you win against me is just paradoxical
blessed since birth, known best in first
i confess you ain’t worth the stress or effort
staying less than dirt, emphasis on the curse
like f-ck you, d-mn, i better end this verse

[verse 4: geto (mike drop)]
better end that verse ‘fore sh-t gets worse
i hate y’all twerps, been pests since birth
y’all lack that work, all chat, no verbs
talk sh-t, get cursed, oh sh-t, i cursed
y’all talk, talk, talk, y’all chirp, chirp, chirp
then tweet, tweet, tweet, y’all best as birds
i’ll x y’all out, y’all meet that dirt
night, night, down under, vacay at perth
all of y’all sound the same, none of y’all diverse
all of y’all just copy, that’s yuta’s work
talk sh-t, get sloppy, my goons disperse
better find your nurse before i bring that he-rs-

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