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letra de k.a.m! - midknyte


[part 1]

i had to rewrite this like 5 times
beats, like, 5 beats i made that like took hours
so f-ck neo, f-ck goosey
f-ck that fake opuim wannabe
f-ck that swimmer
f-ck you, you and everybody


[verse 1]
b-tch, i’m geeked up, i’m rowdy
all ya motherf-ckers wanna doubt me
think this is ‘revenge’
all these bullets all ‘round me
this battle ‘bout to end
don’t ever try to clown me
don’t ever think you found me
b-tch i was in houston, that’s my conclusion
nowhere to be found, sound asleep
white ass thug was in jail sayin’ “howdy”
we know you jell, don’t be pouty
you a s-x offender in every county
watch out for that f-ckin’ bounty
-bullet sounds-
yea, my name is devyn
‘bout to send you back to heaven
because you just a test
views are a f-ckin’ mess
or maybe you a demon from h-ll
i’m readin’ my sales
meet ya, master, all ls
features all failed
the preacher, excelled
i’m a teacher, you expelled
‘bout to keep ya to the rails
you lower than the underground
you a whole mine
not wantin’ gold though
you lookin’ for dimes
you wanted mo’ lies
to keep feedin’ in that de-skeptical mind
you’re skeptical as i am
they’re listenin’ to midknyte
h-ll yea, you better sit tight
i don’t suck, but yo b-tch might
i’m hungry for the game, i’ma take a big bite
you hungry for the fame, you small, that’s what yo d-ck like
again, you got the passion
but got no talent
go not fashion
or anythin’ ‘round it
all the fools want their souls clashin’
peacemaker, i pull it out when sh-t goes south
back to skull bashin’
or brain f-ckin’
you rape cousins
no balance
‘cause there was 8 of ‘em
you ate someone
i’m not gonna say any names
but you paid someone
to cover up the fact
that you take some ‘em
behind the woods, to get somethin’ taked from ‘em
that’s f-ckin’ gross, bro you need to get neutered
you got some secrets? don’t act like i’m the shooter
she trusted you and you f-ckin’ used her
now she gotta keep it from everybody who knew her
act like i’m a wannabe, when you’re the twitter user
you beat on girls, you hit her, abuse her
i’ve seen someone hurl, wish a better a new year
we all know you’re the same online loser
she’s 19, i’m 15, i’m the victim
i’m kinda twisted
with this knife
kinda sticked ‘em
finally p-ssed him, off
like a flame to a f-ckin’ moth
you keep comin’ back to start sh-t
sayin’ you wanna see my carcass
knowin’ your career is my only target
hit it and spark it
find me a lighter
call the firefighters
they charged me for arson!
don’t kurt cobain yourself
all the hurt and pain you yell
just find a way to tame your health
a mindless game, you play yourself
you’re not ken
you’re not em
you’re not drake
you’re not him
you’re not safe
you bought bricks
you act fake
but want kicks
cord rapper?
nah, core pedo
we know you didn’t asked her when you wore that speedo
you said faster when you wanted more libido
you a nasty pastor, that poor nino
you’re a bis-xual monster
we all get it
you bein’ s-xual, will haunt her
‘bout to dial those 3 digits
[verse 2]
talk about the dox like if it’s true
you believe stuff that’s not your own views
sayin’ i was in new orleans, but i was in crestview
the dox was proven fake way before i even met you
his only proof was my cuts
lookin’ at it like “what?”
how was i 15 last year
that was bday month
i’m 15 now
smokin’ on you like a blunt
the girl was 15 wow
it’s almost as if i was bein’ blunt
that her ugly ass was gettin’ runned
now you the only one undergunned
f-ck mari, i’m not sorry
‘bout to hunt someone
f-ck a pray and spray
this is a run and gun
f-ck bun, i’m done

[part 2]

[verse 1]
feel my thunder now
move that chair out that way and
now you underground
seems like someone’s here to hunt ya down
got ya mouth
oh, you runnin’ now
make sure someone don’t find ya house
‘cause they’ll extort it when it goes south
extortion after that sh-t goes loud
foamin’ when you mad like a pitbull’s mouth
f-ckin’ swimmer thinkin’ he can but he can’t rap
lights get dimmer as you backtrack
think you united as a whole, you not thefatrat
tampax is kinda bl–dy, calm down ladies
thinkin’ somethin’ funny, confound crazy
f-ckin’ compound rabies in ya blood stream
hunt down shady ‘cause ya love me
[interlude: neo]
(‘cause i dont have my mods with me
and i’m a little b-tch who should f-ckin’ k!ll himself
i’m ending my life, i’m never gonna make it
and yea, my name is midknyte!)

[part 3]

[verse 1]
what group? me?
midknyte and devyn sitting in a tree
motherf-cka you sound goofy
that’s how we know you losin’
i bring my smarts while you accusin’
your head is hard, this sh-t amusin’
i knew it
get closer to your mic, you too afar
you a poser, you a dyk-, full of lard
she cryin’ on my shoulder as we speak
i’m not 17, get it right, another false leak
i’m a wannabe? but you got no tracks
you hop on feats, ‘cause you wack
“devyn’s sl-t” ‘cause she’ll never be yours
i convince pedos for signs ‘cus they better than wh0res
notice how i predicted it
when goosey got dissed
you wouldn’t be in this predicament
if you listened, sh-t, i don’t what to say
life has its own course
that was yesterday
botted viewers, racists
boutta accuse all those fascists
no fascists
i make this and pass it
you got no f-ckin’ passion
mad ‘cause you got no cash and
you ego can amount to my mansion
i’m so pretty with my fashion
faintest little sk!ll or talent
i’ll mark you with my talons
-falcon call-
i’ma f-cking falcon
you better gimme my palette
find a emmy around it
i’m a host like jimmy fallon
i got plenty outfits
to take you out in
that’s to bev, she a drink, she a fountain
i’ll eat it up and pound it
cersia got no kids, he ain’t around them
after i’m done you better drop a album
if not, keep my (name, out ya f-cking mouth)
es was better than the re-up hands down
hoes, drugs, bad influences to have ‘round
[verse 2]
14 minutes, 12 features for a flop
you sh-t at rap, like i said, go back to rock
rather hear you scream some slipknot
than hear you rappin’, ho’ better kick rocks
respond or stay quiet, b-tch, tick-tok
you a b-tch, i’m a spanish flip-flop
aimin’ at ya head, better get rocked
6 n0bodys, 5 wannabes and one who pill pops
even though you dead, you still fought

yea, yea you still fought
f-ck neo b-tch, yea, you still fought
aimin’ at ya head, better get rocked
6 n0bodys, 5 wannabes, and 1 who pill pops
even though you dead, you still fought, uh
pill pops
even though you dead, you still fought

it’s okay to be g-y
i don’t discriminate
-tv static-

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