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slic ric - mickey diamond & mallori knox


[intro: commentator]
let’s hear it from [?] lord alfred hayes
love is love

it is n-gga mick, go kicking that sl!ck sh-t again
i take a sip of hen’ and turn into pimping king
vice drifting pen
will you still love me after the night, well that depends, uh
all i need in this life is sin
it’s me and my girlfriend (love is love), we got matching kicks
call each other twin, plus she is squirter so that’s another win
i vow to never break the covenant
we play the morgue ’till the summer ends
and in the fall we play the bеnz buggy (uh)
when it’s time we in thе crib f-cking, that’s why we got some more babies
hold the doors open, ’cause that’s just how my mother raised me (what?)
everything wavy with us, sweet savory
my father taught me how to get the dough and treat the ladies
gangsta [?], i smell like ralph lauren fragrance
my name diamond, glad to finally make your acquaintance
patience is a virtue. love, i wouldn’t hurt you
disrespect your kids and keep you out past curfew
take you to the highlands, just to dinner and dessert you
push you in designer clothes, the mcm parachute
always pushing first [?], when your too busy don’t take it personal
love is a challenge, what is it worth to you
plenty of fish in the ocean, but all i want is you
so if you ever get the notion that you want it too, lets make it happen
hit my jack, i’m one call away like charlie puth (h-llo?)
maybe get invited to the family barbeque
introduce me to your mom and duke
your aunts, your uncles, if you got one, your father too
you know who to run to if something ever bothers you
it bothers me, ’cause i’m a part of you
see between the lines and i can read you like a article
when something’s on your mind, love
later on, we can discuss it over wine, love
just name the place and the time, love
those who chase never find love
you ain’t gonn’ find dust on facebook or grindr
let my jury shine in her face, to remind her
you got something special and it ain’t your v-g-n-
i mean
okay, maybe a little bit
sh-t, i got you blushing like a little kid
i say how beautiful you is, you say i’m full of sh-t
’cause you ain’t like these other b-tches i just wanna hit (you not)
and i can feel it in my soul, you really wanted this
the type of love, it feel better than my morning…
sh-t, you get the gist
love is love
mal knox, diamond dallas, n-gga
one-two, one-two
love is love
love is love

[outro: ric flair]
you’re talking to the rolex wearing, diamond ring wearing, kiss stealing, wooh!
wheeling dealing, limousine riding, jet flying, son of a gun
and i’m having a hard time holding these alligators down. wooh!



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