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letra de wet asphalt - michael jordan touchdown pass


i’m reading the paper
on some steps that smell like trash
and it’s cold, they said it’s getting colder
in another discouraging forecast

tonight you look great
yeah, tonight you look like a date
well, ain’t it romantic? ain’t it fantastic?
wet asphalt mixed with dry sarcasm

and everything’s fine
we’re just running on ice
perpetual and distinctively unpleasant
wasting of time
but as long we’re here
i hate to keep bumming them
but please, one for me

he said this group tends not
to lеarn their lessons quickly, if at all
and it’s so true i’vе been trying to learn mine
since summer turned into fall

and here’s to the resolutions
i didn’t even try and make
and here’s to the ones that we make
just to break
and everything’s fine
it just doesn’t feel fine
when the wind’s on your face
and the feeling’s hard to avoid
that i’m entirely a void
and sometimes i am
but i said it’s not that hard
to just stop caring so much
about stuff