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letra de passing through - michael jordan touchdown pass


all us kids are in the graveyard
sticking nails in our coffin
and crawling in to wave goodbye
’cause there’s this unifying error in our
course of action, it’s a strong attraction
to someplace else

and we’ve got maps, we’ve got tools
and two days a week we’ve got the time
that we need to blur that big world out there
and don’t you love the way this world spins?

and since i’m young enough, and
since i’m dumb enough, and
since i’m arrogant, since i have not seen enough
i suppose i assume there were some loose guidelines
as to what to do to avoid this sense of certitude
and we can’t deny all that’s alive
amongst this current that we let push us around
and the self-defeating urge to sink everything we found

from what i gather it’s a phase that you grow out of
but i haven’t even outgrown the small fry shirt that i own
so i guess it takes time to cross the lines to
where you are and what you were back then
and now we’re done and we’re too drunk and kicking fun
and the high school kid will fall limp on the bed
in deep sleep he will dream of a purple-jersey small fry team
and the kid hitting home run after home run
and the fields were smaller then
much smaller then
much smaller then
much smaller then
much smaller then