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letra de a derelict - micah blue smaldone


a derelict that bore your name
of the scene was not worthy
ran aground the coast of maine
where the marshes held it gently
but is it here that you will stay
where the worms will take your timbers?
a fortress where children play
or a place where drunkards shiver?

and giant seas of wicked tongues have been striking you to splinters
and sky’s heaving, blackened lungs have made miserable your wintеrs
and cast to the inky brine
and what creaturеs that have chased you
a plummet, and sounding line (?) by these arms that once embraced you

and days to come when soils bleed and shores recede and winds call ho-rs-ly
beneath the sun we’ll surely meet in a way we’ll never foresee
late at night, i’ll walk the floor, spitting your name to the windows
for ten thousand miles or more, carried only as the wind blows

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