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letra de nice and blue (part 2) - mewithoutyou


nice and blue (part 2)

you were a song i couldn’t sing
caught like a bear by the bees
with its hand in a hive
who complains of the sting
when i’m lucky i got out alive!

a life at best left half-behind
the taste of the honey
still sweet on my tongue
and i’d run (lord knows i’ve tried)
but there’s no place on earth
i can hide from the wrong i’ve done

then i saw a mountain and i saw a city
steadily sinking but suspiciously calm
it wasn’t an end, it wasn’t a beginning
but a ceaseless stumbling on

there, strapped like a watch on my wrist
that’s finished with gold but can’t tell time!
was all or what little pleasure exists
seductive sold and useless mine

our horse was fast and first from the gate
with the lead of a length at the sound of the gun
ant the last of our cash laid down to fate (at 17 to 1)
but the final stretch in the rear of the pack
that nag limping bad in the back
we reluctantly gave all the money we’d saved
a fifth to the commonwealth and the rest to the track!

then i saw a forest grow in the city
and a driftwood wall of birdhouse gourds
and i’m still waiting to meet a girl like my mom
(who’s closer to my age)

the true light of my eyes is a pearl
equally emptied to equally shine
and all or what little joy in the world
seemed suddenly simple and endlessly mine

i was once the wine and you were the winegl-ss,
i was once alive when you held me,
but g-d became the gl-ss,
all things left are emptiness
but oh, you’re just a little girl
if you look out and see a trace
of a dark bed that was once my face
in the clarity of such grace,
you’ll forget all about me

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