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letra de untitled song – metri


verse: metri
spittin” these bars while i make it to the top
oh sh-t haha — nah i ain’t gonna stop
here to take the throne of this sh-t
you’re trying to be differerent, that makes you not different
talk sh-t online, pull you up to this beat
than act like we friends and we ain’t got no beef?
d-mn dude, more faker — than my ex girl, amanda
can’t spell amanda without putting in the d
should go and get outta my feed
prolly should know better than to get into this heat
man go and get yourself outta my face
its better for you and your team to retreat
i keep this d-mn beat /// on repeat — as you /// speak
man, does this dude really think he can rap?
fool really talkin bout sh-t he don’t even have?
i said whos this dummy, he said
“who? the wann–abe p–n–b?”
keep using autotone, you’re nowhere near me
me? im next up in the line
my one line better than your whole soundcloud carrer
maybe its time for metri to end your carrer