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letra de on the radar freestyle - melvoni



how you tough? you just a another victim
jail un-deafen n-ggas who don’t listen
stand up and don’t beg for forgiveness
no man’s land, give a f-ck ’bout the trench
what happened to rap? all these n-ggas is lyin’
everyone shot, but n0body dyin’
i just feel like ain’t n0body tryin’
lit off the deads, everybody signin’
and it’s crazy y’all don’t see the problem
how y’all opps and y’all sharin’ lawyers
how y’all beefin’ under the same label
for the money you let n-ggas call you
most underrated out right now
all alone, i’m figuring it out right now
bro in a box, he got five right now
free marky, he was a, he be out right now
took risk
that’s why they see me turn on
turn down, ’cause half of y’all n-ggas is b-tt
t’d up, i know shе ain’t lookin’ for love
speed up, d-mn, she wanna feel it in her gut
good brеaks, she goin’ dumb
like, what man? he know what’s up
gutted, bro leave ’em slumped
gangsh-t, do what i want, like, d-mn
good breaks, she knows what’s up, like, d-mn
she wanna…