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letra de perfect mess - melee


ithaca was just a dream before i met you ithaca my home’s been
lost to strangers a path left by invaders
lead the way i’m gladly sure to stay by your side
don’t hesitate this one’s worth time
don’t doubt the wait ’cause we are the ones
we are the ones and this perfect mess has everybody singing for
something, someone, sometimes this perfect mess has everbody wishing
for you to come be part of our world
ithaca i write these words with hopes of reaching you ithaca
don’t think i’ll lose you now to the face and grip
that time has on my mind the pouring rain is slowing down this one’s worth time
don’t let me drown ’cause we are the ones
we are the ones and they’ll figure you out know what you’re all about
’cause candle light remembers every name
every rhythm felt every rhythm moved
and every rhythm falling into you

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