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letra de forlyleinsanfrancisco - meg elsier


i learned when i
went to san francisco
that i’d jump
i’d do the deed
it feels good
to know you’d commit to something
i’ve grown
i think you’d agree

i went to go find
the golden gates
and was shocked
to find they were red
how dull another
i’d have to change
and come back
so i went

there goes that plan
there goes my exit
there goes the greatest
thing i would do
so there goes one thing
so find a new one
and get with the program
don’t linger like lyle
still here
still f-cking k!lling it(f)
i can’t fly
then i’ll fall in love
i’d give it all to someone
who’d appreciate it
not me
just the things i’d do for them

cause i’d be your good girl
but i do bad things
and i talk dirty
but i keep the house clean
and i’d be funny
but you’d be funnier
and i don’t mind it
i like second seat
except for sometimes i’m jealous
cause your a person
and i’m the airbag
stuffed in the wheel
but you’re a good driver
so i’ll never see you
and you’ll never need me
so what is the point
if you’re a good driver
and ill never save you
and ill never prove if i’m
worthy or not
does that make me selfish
or lonely, or stupid
my guts never told me
one goddam truth
and i’ve never liked her
she’s overdramatic
wants all the attention
that i give to you
and sometimes i listen
so i get resentful
and pretty pathetic
not to be mean
but i’m a cruel person
it’s just in my nature
i wish that i wasn’t
then i’d have more friends
but i’m bad at hiding it
i’m bad at lying and
texting and fighting
and being myself
yeah i’m bad at hiding it
but you’re worse at finding it
and lyle’s a rider
and you’re just a driver
and i’m just the airbag
absorbed with myself
absorbed with myself
absorbed with myself
absorbed with myself

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