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letra de 03:00 freestyle - medi kay


lemme get honest like abe
things on my heart and i’m gonna catch shade, but
bare shame to the rappers that chase fame and the clappers
change names for the m-sses
switch games like pacman
for the sake of the t-tle, of an idol, no jackson
press play for j’s and the hats and
spray for the cats on top, no raglan
success based on the fans when they can’t stand up for the fam-bam
i mean family
bare proud, oscar, no penny
no substance but they flow so heavy
so quick to spit bars cold, like bevvy
bare full but no food in the belly
on a road with the gas tank on empty
i guess you could say they were running on air
and they ran a long way off of the edge til they had a thought
like, “how can i be miles from the edge still running on?”
they look down and they plummet, like a cartoon
gravity’s snapped them back to reality
“man i’ve lost roots
i’ve been on a quest to find love, rejected my god
and lost hope in a dark room”
my heart breaks like gl-ss for these chaps, and
trust, it breaks his heart too
but that’s why he came in the form of a man, with the
master plan to whip sin, no pancakes
while our minds were stuck on the pan, mate
he died and ran sin off, sonic
we were dark in our sin, onyx
but he cleaned us up, comet
now life’s looking so fabuloso
but, some wanna eat like dogs, vomit
b-bitter-b-bitter, bololo
tribal tongues, ain’t got one, no no no
i’m like #243
je spitte pour le roi, pas le n’importe quoi
what? bring it back like cornrows
i’m so g-ssed like a moto
’cause the lord showed up with a promo
gave us a taste of a love greater
we don’t play, cuz, it done changed us
so the bars go harder than tar, farther than mars
carved in your heart, no stones, bro
hard hearts to flesh, no robos
i’m not a robot, i’m not a robot
sealed and delivered like postcard, no stevie
it’s a wonder my savior redeemed me
like a discount, i’m spent like 3p
and i’m pinned to his love like bb
his love’s got more power than a bb
them bullets come fast, he shields me
breastplates, on to the next ting
and it’s 1:40 as i write this
bless the lord my soul, he’s righteous
he’s the boss in charge, i’m a sidekick
and man i kick b-tts for the boss
squash demons when i’m reaching the lost
not grim but i’m reaping the harvest
though i’m not really that harrd
hard, hard
gwarn, gwarn
gone, gone, off like switch
we don’t play pon’ de mix, replay
ri-han-na, skip
to the climax, straight to the tip
and that’s this: who bled like rivers for sinners like this?
recieve him, believe in him
them vids, deleting ’em
the seeds of a pervert planted up in my heart?
yeah, i’m weeding ’em
them chicks are so quick to leave and, umm
i’ve checked they don’t quit the scene, ya know
so i give it up quick, i’ma reset
start, exit…. sure?
i’ve been ya know
out of my face, you’re a disgrace
and i swear, ain’t squat taking his place
i’m on guard, no breaks, dead the p-ss takes
cos the lord x’ed out all my mistakes
i’m a brand new me, what jin said
2nd corinthians 5:17, man
was alive to sin when i was in bed
but i died to it, so i’ma live, man