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letra de the jungle gym (skit) - mc chris


the jungle gym (skit)

ahh cool! look, a jungle gym
i love the jungle!
(one thing i don’t understand about jungle gyms)
(is they’re not jungles, and they’re not gyms)
(and my dad says that they have a name that doesn’t make any sense)
(there’s no jungles, there’s no gym)
well your dad’s got a point
but i certainly do like climbing up on them
and like, climbing down, the jungle gym
and sometimes i pretend that i’m a monkey!
(yeah you can sway, and you can move your arms)
(this way and that way, and you pick little)
(gnits off your body, and pretend that you’re)
(an ape or a silverback gorilla)
or an orangutan or a lemur!!!

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