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letra de japanese maid - mc chris


i bought you, i love you, i want to subjugate you tonight
i claimed you, i named you, can’t wait, you need to do me for life
i think that you’re great, you give me such a clean place
my japanese maid, you are my wife and my slave
you do everything right, how did my whites get so bright?
you are oh, so polite, and your v-g-n-‘s so tight.

harajuku, heaven sent, pine-sol, lemon scent
she’s worth it, every cent, she’s perfect in every sense
i need some cooking, cleaning, don’t mean to be demeaning
but when you feather dust my n-ts-ck it turn into a demon
there was no other recourse, so many ch-r-s that you can do on all fours
so many windows and doors, so many rooms that you want to explore
so much dirt in the kitchen, so many dirty positions
guess who’s cleaning dishes, guess who’s p-n-s gets kisses
mine does, word up


soft scrub, gloves are rubber, you’re the quicker picker upper
draw a bath and bring me supper, she’s my servant and my lover
there is no need for garters, my d-ck is getting harder
go grab a swiffer, make it stiffer, stir it up for starters
i like to whip you raw, work it nonstop
makin’ me wish i had nine tentacle c-cks
flirty little fox with animal ears on top
i’m about to j-pop got her on lock
down in my dungeon devices
now that i know that she’s priceless
she could be my bubblegum crisis
i don’t know what that means


i don’t think you understand b-tches.