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letra de my sweetheart (time to time) - maxine barrios


my sweetheart is insane
she’s got black tar where her brain should be
at 10:30 when she spins
that lady that’s within
comes out to disappear again

it’s a strange little sensation
when she brings her fire out
i can’t help but worry about her
from time to time

my sweetheart is a pearl
but not the pretty white ones you would think
she’s the rarer form in black
she’s the feeling that attacks
to take my vision away

it’s an off putting sensation
when her hand is on my cheek
i can’t help but take a beating
from time to time

my sweethеart is a witch
spell casting in her potion pots
i’m worried shе’s a curse
she’ll put me in a he-rs-
but thats okay with me
it’s fantastical sensation
when she uses charm for good
i can’t help but indulge in witchcraft
from time to time

my sweetheart’s just a girl
no use in all the harsh comparisons
cause i know when she’s alone
she’s worried on her own
her thoughts would take over her

does she get that strange sensation
when i try to soothe her mind
i can’t help but worry about that
from time to time