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letra de fatality - maverick miles deniro


verse one: maverick miles deniro

you’re double entendre was never clever
high stepper i glow way fresher
like salt-n- peppa i push it
call me ali i am the greatest
like infamous im super famous
thats why you hate this
you the lamest
same flow for 20 years you need to switch ya cadence
if you even dreamed of beating me
you better wake up and apologize
talkin like you wanna die
i put that on the guys
play pesci bat to the back nicky santoro
you still nameless no co-sign no team
thats how i made it
like penny did sam mitch-ll
you’ll get posterized
whole team will get pulverized
hawkin flames you get the torches
i mean more to music than rigor mortis
go up against me your rap career will go down as the shortest and i didn’t write this to try and convince you

one hint of betrayal sorcerer and we will finish you x2
verse 2: maverick miles deniro

ignoramus poppin sh-t
trying to bring my name down
i come equip grind included idiots you stright clowns
you’ve intruded altered your fortune
who’s with yous included leave ya soul rotting you hoes plotting i’m moon walking and globe trotting
big money is what phone calls bring
you not cold same formula in every flow
dog you not known slapping all clones
i’m so c.o. like dj k-tone
tremndo onna dash ballistic 4 da cash
every time i drop cash
i make hits you dont flash
bummy flow you hot trash
stressful loss let you ever cross
this is that special sauce my flow tangy
flashy fly i’m so flashy b-tches callin me zaddy courtside with a baddy
ill finish your whole army soon as i get word from the powers that be

one hint of betrayal sorcerer and we will finish you x2

verse 3: maverick miles deniro

if you shooting i ain’t running i’m just upping and shooting
can’t f-ck witt dem hoes they be pickin and choosin
i ain’t ever sweat a floozy can’t win 4 loosing
so dont try and f-cks with me when these digits start moving
you started loosing
after i cought it off the glass and rebound it
my content so explicit it’ll leave you astounded
imma hit you so many times you gone think your surrounded
stupid m-th-f-ckers can’t teach me sh-t
you’re whole persona sucks dog please just quit
i’m changing my digits you rappers a fake act
all my manovours you mimic
now i’m switching my pivot you pickin da next gimmick streets dont love shiznet
i’ve been lit so f-ck it
get up off my d-ck or suck it
you wouldn’t sound better with a sony budget
you cowards are frontin dont wanna see me debunk it
one hint of betrayal sorcerer and we will finish you x2