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letra de jedi freestyle - matty ice raps


pull up
i got no regrets
no guitar
i have no frets
yo b-tch man
she is so wet
go all in
that’s how i bet

squad been up
when i been down
even tho
i hit that ground
this beat
makes a h-lla sound
you know ima
get that pound
got that guap
right in that town
you know that i
get the crown
here til i die
in the underground
i was lost
but now i’m found

you can neva stop me
you can neva drop me
wanna cut me down
but you neva will chop me
pull up wit a gun
and you still can’t pop me
feet don’t fail
no you never can flop me

k!lla on the track
yeah okay obvy
my sh-t hot
my name wasabi
k!ll yo life ?
okay i’m sowwy
deal or no deal
my name howie
you know that i’m
out my mind
you know that i
did the crime
you know matty
with the slime
k!lled the opps
on demon time

rap my whole life
like i’m a vet
flow so clean
yeah i’m so wet
all in fo the chip
that’s how i bet
don’t want delta
gotta a private jet

i’m so fly
can’t hold me back
don’t know why fix
you talk that smack

ac/dc back in black
bro you wack
that’s a fact
put the city on my back
buckeye til i die
hundred thousand fans
screaming and yelling
yeah that’s no lie
i was down
now i’m up
lookin at you
like what the f-ck
all alone
man that sh-t suck
now i’m in that tahoe truck

got the holy ghost
no i’m not cappin
when i pull up
her ass is clappin
hit you like tyson
i am straight k!llin it
everyone that hear
is just straight feelin it

i will body you
inside my verse
who is next
inside that hurst
matty is a k!lla
yeah i’m the worst
what are you doing?
i asked you first
in the rap game
i am immersed

healthy flowbut i feel sick
soccer dude i like to kick
i got game might steel yo chick
don’t roll up i got that stick

got em all p-ssed cuz i’m the sh-t
i’ma straight hit and never quit
matty ice yeah i’m legit

try to cross me
i k!ll you like vader
chokin you now
and throwin you later

pitchin a tent
i’m setting up shop
started my bidness
i’m neva gon stop
on the dark side
yeah ima sith
ain’t no tellin
who i’m with
out my mind
no jedi trick
slap yo face
like i’m will smith

keep my wife’s name out your f-ckin mouth!