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letra de two-faced - matthew spencer


in a world full of hate i’m in pain like i’m on fire
always surrounded by liars
who claim that i can’t f-cking rap or play
and that every word i say is just another mistake
but they can’t hear me spray these flames
like a volcano light them up in a blaze
all these motherf-ckers so high up they’re ablaze
let the bombs settle down and the meteors rain
cause i’m done taking this sh-t
from a bunch of useless misfits
you’re just another name on my hit list
you act like throwing up but i’m the motherf-cker who’s so sick
so put up your defenses
you couldn’t fence this
ran out of extinguishers but i’m still so lit
lost your chance to win sober so you roll it
take your words flip them like cards b-tch you folded
the sound of the gun
fires off the race i have won
where’d you learn your sk!lls b-tch it’s in my blood
i’ve never learned sh-t so i’ll always sound dumb
have you never heard the aftermath
where all my raps were just rat ta-tat
i’ve been going off like i’m a f-cking gat
but the truth is i’m less sk!lled than my cat
and no one can argue that
but i don’t give a sh-t b-tch i’m having fun
so i’ll keep weaving stories like a politician
and keep acting like i’m wooing them all
(woo) like i’m tom petty with a crowd of thousands
i might be bad but you’re still about it
cause you’ve heard worse like lil uzi when he did chop suey
at least i know how to sing in f-cking key
you think you can do anything
until you bleed
so you take methamphetamine
mix it with hennessey
you are now dead to me
how can you live when you’re circled by enemies
high off of ketamine
you cannot control what’s in the dose so f-cking let it be
overrated is sobriety briety
trying to win the dead lottery lottery
coming apart at the seams like a doll older than the d-mn story of dorothy
i’m just following the road
n0body knows my life is on a loan
placing my last call on the telephone
hey i love you but the world’s full of rage
she’s saying no wait there’s a better way
but i can’t keep going on like this i’ll go insane
take a step over the edge watch me break

there i go again
spiraling out of control like the wind
hit like a tornado ef-10
breaking all the records i’m too violent to myself
staying in my sh-ll
blowing friendships up like i drove into a sh-ll
think i have control like my name’s mich-lle
i can’t face these facts so i run like h-ll
your words can’t hurt me anymore
i’m too used to standing in the storm
you can’t tear me apart if i’m already torn
i’ve heard it all those clothes are worn
so sit the f-ck down
moron chose the wrong loadout
you can’t win against blind rage
taking you down like a hurricane
try to block me b-tch i’ll flood the banks
take em all down back to depression
everything tries to keep me stressing
but they can’t hear me they won’t hear the lesson
that i’m untouchable
i’m going around in circles
you’re just a tree a f-cking myrtle
just a harmless minor hurdle
on my path to success
you’re obsessed f-cking satellite
you’re nothing more than a hater better get in line
stalking my twitch just to see when i’m playing live
every time i do you twitch and fail to twist the bl–dy knife
cause every thought of yours i own
ran out of bullets but i still reload
you tried to play god tried to tame the animal
but i’m in so much pain i can only rip out your f-cking bones

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