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letra de my perfect lover - mason jennings


where was i before you found me?
who was i and what had bound me?
where was love and understanding?
why was living so demanding?

you were on the snow capped mountains
you were in the deep blue ocean
down below the wind and thunder
in a perfect world of wonder

you were calling, come back to me
how long has it been, my only?
i was listening and i heard you
when i did i finally found you
oh, oh, oh, oh

everything you touched is living
this whole universe is giving
what was once inside you, dreaming
is now the life that you are leading

i was with you, baby, crying
i was there when you were dying
underneath the sound and silence
in the gospel and in science
oh, oh, oh, oh

come to me, my perfect lover
we are one, there is no other
in every face i see you clearly
oh my friend, i love you dearly
oh, oh, oh, oh

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