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letra de 2am - marz prince


-its 2am but the boy still woke
-i can’t sleep cos i’m feeling so lonely
-come stay with me….
-don’t you leave
-only you makes the boy feel fine
-girl i need ur love girl i need ur time..
-running thru my mind every single time..
-oh no no….
-better know better know
-i love you way too too much
-to just give up i’ll never give it up yeah
-need you in my life need you in my life..
-you my ride or die you my….

pre verse1:
-cos you amazing
-you amazing girl
-you amazing…2x
-you amazing girl
-you amazing 3x

-yeah it was a chase, i love to race
-brown skin girl with a pretty looking face
-got the hold on me for you i’ll be slave
-you gimme energy… aswear i love the rave
-can’t finna sleep yeah yeah
-girl u know u costing me sleep yeah yeah
-my eyes getting swollen i don’t even mind…
-for ur love for ur love yeah yeah

(repeat chorus)


-girlie me i plan to change your last name
-you’re the remedy to my life pains
-promise i’mma keep it real with ya ain’t no mind games
-ain’t no mind games, promise ain’t no mind games
-like spider man you’re amazing
-pretty girl got me gazing
-stealing glances yeah i’m guilty
-pardon me baby you’re pretty can’t help it
-everything i said i meant it
-wrote a song document it
-love your energy and madness
-you understand my sarcasm
-you amazing you amazing
-travel round the world with you i’ll take u places
make good memories worth remembering
-wake up right next to you on our mattress
-make everyday a holiday for you my baby girl
i love to see you happy see you put a smiling face yeah
-spend more time with you, love you like no other girl
give you everything you want cos only you be my favorite

(repeat chorus)