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letra de rapistk 2 - marrgielaa


[intro: wildkarduno]
you n-ggas never goin’ up, bruh
that’s just the end of the story

[verse: wildkarduno]
yeah, too many sticks when i hop out the paddy wagon
f-ck off my drop fo’ a f-ck n-gga false flaggin’
yeah, b-tch, we got that sticks on us
gucci shoes, not no ricks on us
we got fye, you keep tryna act sl!ck on us
fan n-gga, why the f-ck you switch up?
choppa on me, i’ma watch it glitch up
we want the smoke, lil’ n-gga, we sticked up
not scared of sh-t, you know we can duck
who the f-ck is that ray n-gga?
you can’t try me like pedo, i am not them slay’ n-ggas
you don’t wanna try my five’s, you won’t see the next day, n-gga
we got real sticks, we don’t play, n-gga
we got real sticks, ain’t trollin’ (okay)
we striped but we ain’t bowlin’ (i got the video, i got the vidеo)
we got that card, then i’m holdin’
yeah, put holes in that n-gga whip
fifty round drum in that glock, i’ma lеt it rip
i am not dj phat, i won’t take a sip
hop out the a, f-ck n-gga, just take a trip
totin’ on glocks and that b-tch got rubber grip
on gang
[verse 2: marrgielaa & wildkarduno]
yeah, aye (hrrrrrr)
who the f-ck is these n-ggas that’s dissin’?
i’m cookin’ up but i’m not in the kitchen
i catch v.rxyyy, now his ass missin’
call up uno, yeah, we slide in the coupe
slide on yo’ block, n-gga, i’ma shoot
b-tch ass n-gga, don’t f-ck with yo’ crew
i hop out the whip, you know what i do
aye, that boy a b-tch, he not gon’ shoot
who the f-ck is this pedo? i don’t have a clue
i pop out the cut, now he on the news
kick ’em in the head, got blood on my shoes
i’m livin’ the life, n-gga, that i choose
rob’ b-tch n-gga ’cause i need the blues
he try to run up then the stick go, “boom”, b-tch
these n-ggas not havin’ no motion
that stick hit ’em, bust his head open
i really k!ll you, b-tch, i’m not jokin’
these n-ggas p-ssy, i’m already knowing
these n-ggas hoes
b-tch ass n-gga, he not gon’ shoot
i’m all alone, i can’t get recruit
call up uno, he takin’ yo loot
that n-gga a pedo just like he boost
[outro: marrgielaa]
b-tch (f-ck v.rxyyy)
yeah (f-ck all them n-ggas, man)
f-ck all them
aye (back in that mode)
(you already know)
y’all n-ggas know what i’m on
i ain’t f-ckin’ with these n-ggas
v.rxyyy a weirdo
twentywrld a pedophile
boost a rapist
f-ck all them n-ggas……
(and f-ck that p-ssy ahh n-gga fk too)