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letra de prayers - marku


they hear one song and say marku boy, you rock
i can really see this sh-t up on the top
tryna make it out the mud i′m with the crops

i’m gon′ need a couple prayers cause i got ops, they watch
think i’m paranoid cause i can hear them talk
hear them knocking on my door they picked the lock
deep inside i know no one walking ’round at nine o′clock, tell yo mind to stop

impatient for the days i got a limp
hunnid au racks green yellow tint
at least then i can finally spoil my b-tch
without showing pockets full of lint
i woke up in this b-tch i feel like sh-t
if you talk sh-t i ain′t gon’ write a list
you trippin′ if you think i give a sh-t
i barely notice you even exist

they’ll want a piece of the pie i ain′t gon give them sh-t
look at my stats right now i’m gon tell you they don′t share my sh-t
b-tch don’t hold my hand, read my cues why i fl!ck my wrist
all this sh-t’s a scam, probably can′t win unless i sign some sh-t

can′t win, can’t win, can′t win
can’t win, can′t win, can’t win
can′t win, can’t win, can’t win
can′t win, can′t win, can’t win