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letra de colors turn to grey - marion raven


colors turn to grey

i’m having a hard time, enough as it is
i’m walking a thin line, but it don’t seem to bother you
i’m taken for granted, and its been going on for a while
and i have to take it, while you behave like a child.
so will it change? am i to old fashion for your style
seems you never get it, no matter what i do it never turns out right
lately i’ve been trying to turn a sad face into a smile
that’s what i need most of all in my life

when colors turns turn to grey
love it fades away
to the point of no return
play with fire you get burned
when colors turn to grey

that’s why i worry
if you care to know the truth
always in a hurry
oh you’re always going some place new
god forbid you ever should find someone new
who will treat you half as good as i should.


why bother loving when love only goes one way
what’s the use of being the one who ends up getting hurt again
why use your heart for something cold that will leave in pain?