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letra de dear... - maria mena


i’ll always treasure the naã¯vety
of the past we’ve shared.
our bodies grew much faster than our minds,
but together we got good at stopping time.

my teen angst drove me to hurt myself,
and i made you watch;
oh, the pain i must have caused,
but by staying around you saved my life (saved my life)

we were never meant to be lovers (ahh)
just fellow late bloomers,
who blossomed apart (ahh)
who blossomed apart.

watching my parents
made me look for something destructive,
and there you were.
with all the characteristics of my mom;
familiarity of home.

the geographic gap led to forced adulthood,
and your rage exposed.
i’m glad we left things when we did;
i doubt i’d survive another bl–dy nose (bl–dy nose)
we were never meant to be lovers (ahh)
we just mirrored each other’s self destructiveness (ahh)
self destructiveness.

the spotlight burned in the room when we were together.
and we played our parts,
and i wore an imaginary tv screen,
so you never got to touch my heart (touch my heart)

we were never meant to be lovers (ahh)
our egos fed off each other,
and died overweight (ahh)
and died overweight.

i thought i’d seen it all when you first walked in,
but you shut me up,
and challenged every wrong perception i’ve had of myself,
and you haven’t ever stopped.

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