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letra de 2 crackheads 1 ship - mannyiswicked


first things first, just know you’re amazing
angels in heaven they raise
their voices up on this friday
to honor your birth so smile away
you are a queen, the world isn’t ready
and you are sweet, incredibly
steady bringing love and light to the earth
least i can say is this girl

just know that you’re perfect in every way
can’t find the perfect words to say
so happy birthday, happy birthday
wanna express this in words like we usually do
but i still can’t find the words to choose
so happy birthday, happy birthday

imma stay here by your side
so get ready for a h-ll of a ride
the world is yours and you know that the sky
has no limit on you
your love is true and youuuu know
i’m just one call away
my call log loves your name
i’ll be your rock girl any day
your hands i’ll hold girl you should know that