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letra de pluto, montana - manny laurenko


[intro: future & j dlux]
sh-t that i do is like 1 of none
you know what i mean
i feel like i’m 1 of none
like i don’t feel like n0body need to be like exactly me how i am
i only can do this
i’m the only one that can do this sh-t
lux montana

[verse: j dlux]
stick in my lap
bring that hoe through the trap
f-ck a double r truck, all i need is a track
i wake up, get some pape
go to sleep with my racks
i boot up off that drank
i get high start my day
if that hoe tryna f-ck, tell that hoe come my way
b-tch, i think i’m too p
put a hoe on the blade
f-cking my hoe while she hold on my chain
i’m outside with a balenci coat in the rain
if he wanna be gang, gotta put ’em through training
show a n-gga how to run up a hundred, wilt chamberlain
money and drugs, them my favorite love languages
i pop this perc, go to work, never lazy
i keep a glock .43 in my load out
i need a mil’ for a deal, f-ck a rollout
i put some red in my cup pourin’ 4s out
every time she with the gang she throw 4s up
lux montana feel like sammy sosa
pack came in, i can smell it get closer
if me and money ever break up, i need closure
i made getting racks part of my life like it’s culture
i do my own stunts in this coupe, f-ck a valet
stay on my toes in the trap like ballet
put so much dope on the scale make the glass break
v12 in the hood make the hood smell the gas tank
can’t ride no fishbowl
my car ain’t no fish tank
pull up in that all-black hawk like i’m bruce wayne
this a trackhawk, this ain’t no regular jeep
this a margiela shirt, not no regular tee
n-ggas ain’t give me sh-t, so i’m playing for keeps
n-ggas pick sides every day and get beat
n-ggas hate every day, it’s still easy to sleep
if she bad then i might put that hoe in alyx
i don’t let sh-t control me, can’t be on no leash
f-ck a hoe to my song, she in love with the beat
i boot up alone, i’m in love with the geek
bae, you look good when you count up for me