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glow - mann


(feat. shaleah nicole)

[verse 1: mann]
unh, this feeling i can’t explain for nothing
i’m with exchange i love it
to the public i probably just look insane but f-ck it
it’s not in vain it’s something i love showing
feels like i’m rolling, knowing that i’m glowing

[bridge: mann]
feeling good, hands up high if you living good
i do what i want to cause i’m rebelling
and you could see me and the homies yelling, yelling

[hook: mann]
glow, we hear it everywhere we go (everywhere we go)
if you know you got it then let it show (then let it show)
no matter how many times they tell us no
they can never stop the way we glow, glow, glow, glow

[verse 2: mann]
yeah, there ain’t much that i can’t do
everything i dreamt of eventually came true
spiritually strong so n-body could break you
as long as i do me, i don’t care what they do
and i stayed steady when it was unstable
and i came up when people thought i wasn’t able
i showed ’em all, i showed ’em all
shooting for the moon but the stars broke my fall, and all
i became a beast, baby i became an animal
they let me off the leash, now i’m coming after you
i represent the streets, in my city i’m the man and oh
i’m the man and oh, oh

[hook: mann & shaleah nicole]

[bridge 2: mann]
gl-glowing, glowing
feeling good, hands up high if you living good, gl-glowing
feeling good, hands up high if you living good, gl-glowing

[hook: mann & shaleah nicole]



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