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letra de bout that life - mann


bout that life

what’s happening?
mann, aehh nic nack,

yap, ahh
i am really about that life, jeaah!
with forteen i would chicks, i know about that life, yeah!
ask the promoter, tell em about that price and
when i get that envelope i make em count that twice, ahh!
(come better again)
that’s just the westalley i am in (weeest!).
get the cake, tweentyfour hours, seven days a week!
all where they wanna play me: is mtv and mp3!
rep that birthdaygame, b.d.m.c.g.
(ho ho) hold up, hold up
they could never control us!
birthday model, who’s h-t the boddle until you throw up, j-p!
young, wild rackless, i never wanna grow up!
living the way they show us,
so these hoes getting no low!
hold up, hold up
i am about to hit these stoe up!
(which about u go get it)
with stopper in arizona!

switchs up some paper,
it is some, so we can roll up!
it is all the same story, coming from california!
i told nic nack to pills slap,
this track, he get that!
low n-gg-r = big swag.
that chick = big -ss.
b-tch bad = i with that
if not = slim chance
these are always “slim fast”, “slim face” and makeup.
young fly, cacked up
fu, i can maked (it) up!
get paid – a much, just staff it in a club!
say “what”, i am just a g, who likes lovecherry,
so come f-ck with me, ahh!

some roll quick, for the game!
the “mann”, you know!
birthday models!
take gang!
u’re f-cking witch nic nack
hahahaha, ahhh.

shotout to northern-cali:
whats up cali, we out here (weeest!)
ahhh, o yeah man check out my new watches
it is five, new watch,
it is digital-cristals, (swag) you did, swag!!
i got a underwearline comming too, hahaha.
(swag [2x])
yeahh, westalley, baby!
westalley, westalley.