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letra de chopped - manimolly


(i don’t need to be saved)

[verse 1: saive]
countin’ that bread, getting to the racks
getting to the k
f-cking on that hoe, no she not my bae
yeah, all of my n-ggas they be in the a
yeah, that boy sippin’ on some fent
yeah, he going crazy, man, they got me bent
walk up in the spot, man, i’m countin’ cash
getting to the bag, countin’ up then racks
can’t hit that hoe, she don’t got no ass
get to the bag, man, i’m countin’ cash
catch that boy, it’s going to be the end
call up my brudda, you know he going to spin
change the flow just like ben 10
run up on me, bullets hittin’ yo head
i heard hе not in my rank, i took a percocet pill, i’ma faint
walk in that hoe, and i’m smoking on-(what?)
walk in that hoе, and i’m smoking on dank
run up on me, you know you (stuck)
i got some bands and they be in that bank
run up on me, you get hit in the head
i got this money, might count up this bread
uh, yeah, i got that chill
all of my brothers, they got em a mill
run up on me, yeah, blood get spilled
i don’t give a f-ck bout how you feel
uh, n-gga, you run up you die
i got my brudda, put you in the sky
run up on me, you got sent to allah
i’m with my brudda, we roll up some pot
i’m with my brudda, he rollin’ up pot
[verse 2: manimolly]
sipping on wock, i got a chop
boy, you a hoe
don’t want your hoe
that lil’ b-tch too chopped
yeah, put a perc all up in my drank
yeah i’m finna crash
i’ma do the dash
i’ma do the dash
counting up, bread, counting up cash
that lil’ hoe, she bad
she can give me head
she can give me face
poppin’ percs, all to my face
12am finna’ f-ck up the place
choppa bullet, it’s going your way
choppa bullet gon’ come out the k
i’m with saive, count a hundred k
count a hundred bands
yeah, i got the racks
yeah, countin’ up racks
thumbing through the racks
cardiac arrest
got a cartier right on my wrist
got a cullinan right on my wrist
that b-tch bad, yeah i’m finna (nut)
that b-tch bad, feel it in her gut
that b-tch bad
got a big ol’ b-tt
poppin’ percs, now that n-gga stuck

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