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letra de dark winds - manila grey


[verse 1: neeko]
fight fire with fire thought you’re on my side (chosen, chosen)
don’t call me a liar, don’t call me your friend (yeah)
i extend my palm, he aim for my head (tch, tch)
headed up to here, let’s put this to bed
family struggle
we deep under pressure, build a momma ?
food bank lineups keep me humble, always remember
she understand my pain like no other, promise fame to my momma i won’t settle (put that on my momma)
pour me a couple, couple, now i’m ? (?)
know i treat my friends, my 1z like my blood; my cousins (bout that!)
know that we can’t spend what real homies link up ? (bout that!)
know i treat the fakes like f-ck ’em all i owe you nothing
? for my og’s