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letra de goodbye, goodnight - mae


“goodbye, goodnight”

the nights are getting colder.
the red light’s on, it’s over.
to give up now doesn’t make much sense.
so this is my goodbye.
surprised, because i thought i could walk you home tonight,
but you’re leaving me here on the defense.

goodbye, i’m not going to waste this time,
this light that burns will keep on fading.
goodnight, i’m not getting up off of this ride,
i’m holding tight until i can feel alive.

i’ve written you this letter,
got it back return to sender.
but i just can’t remember you being quiet like that.
misunderstand, we’re holding hands,
we’re at the beach, we’re throwing sand.
as the lights just go up all around us,
i can’t believe it’s over.

i’m sitting under falling stars.
do you miss me where you are?
i’m making plans to be with you.
but have they come unglued?
what am i to do without you?

the nights are getting warm again.
they’ve let you go, i let you in.
everything you’re saying sounds right tonight.
the waves are crashing on and on.
we’re running even if we’re wrong.
this force is driving me to test the speed of light.