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self replicating machine elves - madame blavatsky overdrive


strange world comes from a clear glass vial
i breathe in synthetic smoke
a membrane tears and after a while a large room is filled with ghosts
that’s when you first see the elves. seems they have something to say. and it feels like you’re coming undone. yes, it feels like you’re shot from a gun

welcome to the ego’s death. you spiral out into amazement
pay attention. pay attention. pay attention. pay attention
huff (?) easy. take a breath. let it out. just hеar the voices
irrevocating (?). transm-tating
pay attеntion. pay attention
i feel like an alien. i feel like an alien. feel like an alien

as language leaves secret codes from sp-ce. this lexicon of the dead
____ formless grace? time is erased, time is replaced?
there is a chrysanthemum
making dimensional sounds
then you understand that nothing is real but what you touch, taste, smell, hear, or feel




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