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letra de final sleep - macmc


(verse 1)
midnight dripping, shadows feel grim heartbeats fade, streets turn dim, whispers on the wind, somber hymns all floating away, edges feeling slim

final sleep, no more leaping silent drift, reaper creeping six feet down, earth embraces closely touch your chunky faces left and right

(verse 2)
breath, no more chases in the sun’s, heart’s oasis every story got an ending slow nights, never mending soul ascending, no pretending life and death always blending

final sleep, no more weepin choreographed forеver sleeping
dark night, no more keeping
silent drift, rеaper creeping echoes fade, my solution past the ultimate conclusion still with the dead, dead future soul’s departure, stop the future

hey, life’s illusion, that’s the ultimate conclusion. silhouettes sent in diffusion, soul’s departure, song of fusion

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